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natural sunburn treatment

  • Treating and Soothing a Toddler with a Sunburn

    Sunburns are a horrible experience for anyone, but a toddler?  Cue the uncontrollable wailing, tossing and turning, painful itching, and questions like “WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY Mama?!”

    Yes, I know it is my fault as the parent that the sunburn happened.  We got carried away and didn’t reapply the sunscreen.  It was an ultra crappy mistake. Please tell me that it happens to every parent at some point in time?

    I thought I did great this weekend with the sunscreen, but apparently those expiration dates may be real.  I’m pretty sure our sunscreen expired 2 summers ago.  We used every drop of last year’s bottles and this year’s was just amazon prime’d to us today.  We threw caution to the wind and thought the old tubes would do for a weekend at the pool. Continue reading

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