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  • 40 Weeks: A Breakdown of Pregnancy

    It starts with two pink lines, a plus sign, or even a digital test reading “pregnant.” The emotions then begin to rollercoaster their way into your life: Excitement, Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Panic, Joy.

    After reality sets in, remind yourself that you only have 40 weeks with this little being inside of you. (More like 41-42 weeks on average, but who’s really counting?) It’s time to figure out what will change, how life will be different, and what you can do to help and prepare for this baby.

    Good news, I’ve done this a few times! I just gave birth to baby #5 (6 pregnancies total). I’ve combined my wealth of knowledge with the cold hard science, and a bit of natural-minded research to bring you the breakdown of pregnancy over 40 weeks. Continue reading

  • Meet Vincent: The Turtle With Heart

    In the race of life, it pays off to stay at your pace, remain strong, and never give up.  There is something so special about someone who stays true to himself in the craziness around him.

    We would like you to meet Vincent, a determined little turtle.  Vincent has a very special story to tell.

    It was a warm day, late in Spring – so close to Summer that Vincent could almost taste the afternoon rain showers in the air.

    Vincent knew his friends would be at the local water spot enjoying the beautiful day.  He packed a lunch and slowly made his way through his patch of the forest toward the water hole. Now Vincent is not the fastest animal, and this could be quite frustrating to some animals, but those who knew and loved Vincent understood that his patience brought a sense of calmness to their hearts. 

    Vincent enjoyed spending his days with friends, and today was no exception.  They swam and ate; they played and chatted. Before parting ways, a noise was heard in the distance.  It was the unmistakable sound of tears being shed. The animals all rushed toward the crying, while Vincent moved as quickly as he could.  In the hurry of running, the other animals did not have time to notice the other sound that faintly beckoned to Vincent.  Continue reading

  • Fall in Love with My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

    Here at My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, we take Valentine’s Day very seriously. You see, we truly love our animals, the people we are surrounded by, and everyone who supports us!  Once you have held and listened to one of our animals with a heartbeat pounding away, you too will fall in love!

    I wanted to take a moment and write about our animals and who we are.

    You see, I may be “just the blogger,” but the truth is that I love my job.  I was welcomed into a family when I began writing for My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.  I knew that the product was a great idea, but in reality, I didn’t think much past that.  That is until, I had a miscarriage.  There is this little secret that isn’t shared in our society:  holding life within can be as fleeting as a candle flame.  The beautiful flame can be blown out, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake.  You never think that it will happen to you, and to experience that lingering smoke can cause the heart so much pain.  I realized that I had nothing, nothing, to remember this baby by. Continue reading

  • A Whale of a Tale: Meet Kane

    Kane is a Blue Whale, a mammal belonging to the baleen whale family.  He comes from a very long line of mighty Blue Whales.   Weighing in at 190 tons, Kane is use to others fearing him.  But Kane is nothing to fear, for he has a loving and giving heart.  He can sense when there are troubles in the sea and is always looking to help.  He provides rides to those smaller than him, a wonderful hiding place to anyone scared, and uses his strength to move, lift, and help any animal in need.

    One day, the seas turned rough.  The waters became darker and sands began to churn.  The animals of the ocean knew to stay home, for a great storm was on the surface.  But Kane could not sleep.  Even through all of the underwater storm sounds, he heard something: something new.  He knew he was being called to help.

    Kane set out against the waves and rough seas, following the sound that was calling to him.  He followed it to the surface, where he saw a sailboat struggling in the storm.  The night sky was painted dark blue, with clouds covering the moon.  The nearest land could not be seen.  This boat was in trouble.  Kane heard the sound grow louder as he swam closer to the small boat.  He had never ventured this close to humans before, but the sound called to him.  Suddenly, he could see aboard the boat: Humans, two of them.  The sound grew louder, the sound of a heart beating, but it was not from the man or the woman.  The noise that had beckoned Kane was a baby’s heartbeat. These humans were growing a baby! And this tiny, unborn creature was in danger tonight.  There was a family aboard this vessel and they needed Kane’s help to find their home. Continue reading

  • Skin to Skin: Kangaroo Care

    I LOVE that skin to skin is becoming so well-known and practiced in our society!

    As a midwife using, homebirthing mom, I have known nothing other than skin to skin after birth. I learned of the benefits through our natural childbirth classes we took while pregnant with our first baby. However, there are so many women who do not know what skin to skin is, and prefer their little one be cleaned and swaddled before being held. This blog is for them. By the end, my hopes are for birthing mothers everywhere to lose their modesty, strip down, and welcome their vernix-covered newborns to their chests! Continue reading

  • Remembering there is a Fourth Trimester

    Pregnancy is a journey of growth for mother and baby. You live the healthiest lifestyle possible during those nine months to yield the healthiest possible outcome: a sweet and strong baby. That, however, is where most books and classes end. For some reason, there is no manual on what comes next. No one sends you home with a “How-To” handout on being the best parent for your child. While that is okay, you will find your way as the weeks turn to months and the rhythm of routine settles. The problem is that our society has gone against mother’s intuition and has set expectations for these babies who have just entered the world. For example, sleeping through the night in their own room from just weeks old, or using every new shiny contraption to hold baby so parents don’t have to… or the best: not picking up a crying child for fear of spoiling them.

    Please. Please. Please. Ignore the comments and advice. Trust your gut. A mother’s body instinctually provides what is known as a fourth trimester for both itself and baby. The fourth trimester is a period of time after pregnancy has ended and when motherhood begins. It is a smooth transition to the world for baby and a time of healing for the mother. Continue reading

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