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  • Dear Mamas, It is Okay to Slow Down.

    Dear Mamas,

    The sun is rising, and what a magnificent sight it is.

    The sun will set today as well, and the cycle will continue tomorrow.

    It is within these hours of daylight, and so often into the darkness, that we mothers struggle. We willing take part in the competition of motherhood, often without the knowledge of joining the invisible team. There is a uniform of yoga pants and mom buns for the ‘B-Team’ and ballet flats, jeans, and make-up for the All-Stars. And the yearning to make it to the All-Star squad tends to run deep. Continue reading

  • Can Motherhood Change You As A Person?

    Can Motherhood Change You As A Person?

    The depth of this question can be taken as far as you wish to let it sink in, but as a mother of four, I believe that the answer is a simple ‘no’ with a whole lot of complicated explanations.

    I am currently holding a three-year-old who is crying because he is not allowed to climb the shelves to get scissors, all while I am nursing a ten-month-old, and my five and seven-year-old are working on anything besides their schoolwork. My sanity is stretched, but my heart is full. My immediate reaction to the question “Can motherhood change you as a person?” was a resounding “YES.” Of course I am not the same person I was ten years ago, pre-children. But then I thought about it more. I slept on it, actually. Continue reading

  • 32 Things You Need To Know About Early Motherhood

    I remember a time when all I could think about was having a baby. The thought consumed me. Can you relate?

    In my mind, I was so ready. I didn’t care how hard it would be, or how much life would change. I actually swore that my life wouldn’t change that much. To be fair, I did have a pretty easy transition into motherhood, but there are still things I wish I would have known. Not that it would have changed my mind (nothing could), but it would have better prepared me for all of the possibilities that could have occurred. Continue reading

  • 10 Ways to Increase the Bond with Your Baby

    An amazing article was printed about the science behind the attachments between mothers and their babies.  The study performed and written about discovered that, by the age of one, babies and mothers have already developed the bond that will have effects on the lifetime of their relationship.  Not only that, but this attachment (or lack thereof) plays a role in every relationship the child will have throughout his or lifetime. 

    Continue reading

  • Announcing Your Pregnancy

    I need to preface this blog with the caveat that every woman is different. There is ABSOLUTELY no wrong way or time to announce your pregnancy. Shout it from the roof tops, or keep it to yourself until baby arrives. Whatever you decide, just make sure that you are happy and feel supported and loved. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. A journey that you can take with whomever you choose.

    There is something about finding out that you are pregnant that makes you the worst secret keeper. From the moment that test is positive, something comes over you and you have to hold your hand over your mouth to keep from screaming through the bathroom door. Let’s be real, quite a few women go this route. I woke my husband up (NOT quietly) at 4:00am to confirm the reading of the faintest second line known to mankind with our first baby (which he politely labeled the “maybe test” before falling back asleep). Once the initial “MUST TELL SOMEONE” urge fades, you can take a moment and start thinking of actual fabulous ways to spread the word.

    Continue reading

  • 40 Weeks: A Breakdown of Pregnancy

    It starts with two pink lines, a plus sign, or even a digital test reading “pregnant.” The emotions then begin to rollercoaster their way into your life: Excitement, Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Panic, Joy.

    After reality sets in, remind yourself that you only have 40 weeks with this little being inside of you. (More like 41-42 weeks on average, but who’s really counting?) It’s time to figure out what will change, how life will be different, and what you can do to help and prepare for this baby.

    Good news, I’ve done this a few times! I’m currently pregnant with baby #4 (Pregnancy #5, we had a heartbreaking loss that I do not want to dismiss). I’ve combined my wealth of knowledge with the cold hard science, and a bit of natural-minded research to bring you the breakdown of pregnancy over 40 weeks. Continue reading

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