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mom friends

  • How to Make a Mom Friend

    It's like dating, but even more awkward. There should seriously be an app for this by now.

    Swipe right if the mom is as much of a hot mess as you are. Tap twice if you want to meet in person.

    Think about it, motherhood is all-consuming. Adult interaction rarely comes high on the list of priorities. Anything more than a quick phone conversation with a friend from a far seems like it's never worth the effort. Continue reading

  • Celebrate Your Mom Tribe

    It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and while we are all elbow deep in mimosas and fancy brunches -or laundry and dirty diapers, I think we need to take a minute to celebrate our mom friendships.  You see, I truly believe that ‘The Village’ is alive and well!

    The modern village may not be the same as THE village that everyone is always talking about, but like most things in life – it has evolved.

    Today’s village consists of tens of thousands of tribes, each one strong and supportive.  While tribes may see things differently, as a whole, the village is a force to be reckoned with.

    So this Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to be thankful for our tribe, whether it be large or small – brand new or two decades old. The people who lift us up, support us through it all, withhold judgement, vent frustrations and celebrate successes.  Those we can depend on; those we view as extended family. Continue reading

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