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  • Finding Support After Pregnancy and Infant Loss


    It's not easy to move on after losing a baby. It's not easy to watch as the rest of the world continues spinning like normal while you find it hard to put one foot in front of the other. Somehow, though, we do it, but we don't have to do it alone. Continue reading

  • Supporting a friend through miscarriage

    When I experienced the loss of a pregnancy at 10 weeks along, I wasn’t sure if I even deserved to talk about it.  I felt as though others who did not understand would think, “10 weeks? That’s not even the second trimester.”  And then the cramping and labor began.  The emotions of the entire experience are indescribable for anyone who has not lived through a miscarriage.  Yes, my 10 week old fetus was real.  The tissue that I passed confirmed that I could not just forget about the pregnancy.  My heart was broken.  Actually, I have never felt heartache such as this before.  It’s as if you are hit with the brick wall of realizing you will never meet, hold, or know this little life that you created. Continue reading

  • Dads Feel Helpless During a Miscarriage

    We have spent the month sharing about pregnancy loss and the emotional rollercoaster that mothers experience. It is finally becoming a topic of discussion, thanks to social media. Mothers can reach out and share their stories.

    But what about dads? What about partners? Continue reading

  • The Emotional Stages of a Miscarriage

    Too often, we suffer alone with our losses. Too often, our heartache is meant to be swallowed without much acknowledgement. Continue reading

  • I Still Remember You, My Sweet Angel Baby.

    It has been almost 1000 days now.

    I did not dream you up. You were real. You were inside of me, a part of me -- and you will always be mine. Continue reading

  • The What Ifs of a Miscarriage

    What if my pregnancy had reached full term and you had let out that first cry? Continue reading

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