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  • Keepsakes for the Grieving Mother

    Not every baby lives.

    Not every hand is held.

    Not every pair of lips are kissed.

    Too many mothers understand this grief. Too many mothers are expected to let go and move on before they are ready. Continue reading

  • Miscarriage Traditions That May Help You Heal

    “Ritual opens a doorway in the invisible wall that seems to separate the spiritual and the physical. The formal quality of ritual allows us to move into the space between the worlds, experience what we need, and then step back and once more close the doorway so we can return to our lives enriched.” –Rachel Pollack Continue reading

  • The Jizo, a Buddhist Miscarriage Tradition

    Jizo statues can be found primarily throughout Japan, although many other cultures seem to be accepting them into their own traditions. A Buddhist tradition, Jizo is the protector of children.  More specifically, Jizo takes care of the souls of unborn children and those who die at a young age. Continue reading

  • Supporting a friend through miscarriage

    When I experienced the loss of a pregnancy at 10 weeks along, I wasn’t sure if I even deserved to talk about it.  I felt as though others who did not understand would think, “10 weeks? That’s not even the second trimester.”  And then the cramping and labor began.  The emotions of the entire experience are indescribable for anyone who has not lived through a miscarriage.  Yes, my 10 week old fetus was real.  The tissue that I passed confirmed that I could not just forget about the pregnancy.  My heart was broken.  Actually, I have never felt heartache such as this before.  It’s as if you are hit with the brick wall of realizing you will never meet, hold, or know this little life that you created. Continue reading

  • Honoring an Angel Baby at Christmas

    Before I truly start writing, I need to explain that this piece is personal and not easy to put into words.  My estimated due date was yesterday.  My baby gained her wings at 10 weeks gestation.  To so many people, that means so little, but to me and my family, that baby is missed.  I am currently due in March with our rainbow baby and looking forward to meeting this little boy, but I will always remember the baby who was gone too soon. Continue reading

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