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Marriage after babies

  • Staying in Love After Babies: The Evolving Relationship

    Families come in every shape and size now.  We are a blessed society to witness love in so many combinations.  Our children are growing up knowing they can choose who they want, without shame, to love for all their lives.

    This is wonderful, but it is so easy to lose that beautiful love throughout the journey.  The foundation can be cracked and broken, and the home can fall apart.  It happens every day. The good news though? Divorce is on the decline.  Couples are lasting longer than previous years, and they are actually working on their relationships. We are also seeing a rise in relationships that are not contracted by marriage, but are lasting decades; and other non-traditional families that are proving to be stronger than anyone expected years ago.

    I love that you can search the internet, openly discuss, seek counseling, and read so much about relationships and strengthening them.  I won’t lie, I do most of these things regularly.  Most of the time, it includes wine and friendship while venting and then talking about how to realistically help. Continue reading

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