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  • Skin to Skin: Kangaroo Care

    babbyI LOVE that skin to skin is becoming so well-known and practiced in our society! As a midwife using, homebirthing mom, I have known nothing other than skin to skin after birth. I learned of the benefits through our natural childbirth classes we took while pregnant with our first baby. However, there are so many women who do not know what skin to skin is, and prefer their little one be cleaned and swaddled before being held. This blog is for them. By the end, my hopes are for birthing mothers everywhere to lose their modesty, strip down, and welcome their vernix-covered newborns to their chests!

    More hospitals are becoming “Baby Friendly” (Yes, that is an actual title a hospital can acquire) and implementing skin to skin immediately after birth. A good lactation consultant will also voice the benefits of keeping your newborn skin to skin as often as possible to help with nursing. The truth is there are so many benefits of utilizing skin to skin throughout your child’s infancy. Continue reading

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