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Irish pregnancy announcement

  • St. Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

    Anyone lucky enough to be announcing a pregnancy in the upcoming days may want to consider a few fun St.Patrick's Day ideas!

    While I haven't had the chance to announce a pregnancy on this festive day, I have conceived a baby on it! HA! A few (a lot) of drinks, down in "Green-Town" Savannah, GA three years ago, St. Patrick's Day blessed us with Baby Lyle!  I'd say we were pretty darn lucky!

    Instead of just a general "We're expecting a baby!" announcement, look through this list and steal something a bit more fun!

    I'll start with my personal favorite:   The Empty Wine Glass

    I'd pair the picture with a short phrase like "An empty glass, but a full uterus! Happy St. Patrick's Day from our newest addition!"   (hahaha -- i'm so clever)

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