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  • The Woman Who Wants A Baby For Christmas

    The world seems to be consumed with family happiness right now, but those who are in the process of trying to conceive, or have been trying for quite a while, may not be feeling the joy of the season.  Once you have decided to get pregnant, everyone around you is suddenly carrying a newborn or sporting the baby bump. Continue reading

  • One Couples Infertility Announcements are Taking the Internet by Storm

    Social media is full of pregnancy announcements - and the more creative the better. It is such an exciting thing to share with the world, but few of us realize that by sharing the big news, there are others out there struggling to see that announcement. Infertility is more common that we realize, and many couples struggle with trying to conceive for years without luck.

    While it is heartbreaking, many couples work together to find peace and can still be happy for growing families around them. One such couple is taking the internet by storm right now. Continue reading

  • Toxic Tampons: Shoving Monsanto Up Your Vagina

    The moment each month when your body shoots daggers through you and sends you into a fetal position as it sheds blood, hating you for not fertilizing the egg it so generally released for you.  “You are not pregnant, congratulations, I will reward you with a week of unhappiness. You are welcome.”

    It’s unfair, but true.  Being a woman is beautiful and amazing.  We have the ability to create and grow life, but when we decide not to get pregnant, our body puts us through -what seems like- a torturous procedure month after month.  It is life.  We deal with it, push it aside, and never really talk about it.

    Because discussing menstruation is taboo, something that is so far from “dinner appropriate” in our society, we have left the door wide open for the Feminine Hygiene companies to take full advantage of us.

    It has taken me years to research this topic, probably because I just did not want to know, but maybe it is because I have a daughter who will one day need to use feminine care products – or possibly it is because I learned that I have a small (benign – thank God!) tumor on my ovary and I am ready to swallow the truth: I have been inserting toxic, cancer-causing products into my vagina since I turned 14 years old.

    It stops now.  It stops here.  Please read on and continue reading after this article.  Educate yourself until you realize just how scared we should be; how angry we should be that this has been and continues to happen. Continue reading

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