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  • Baby Formula: How to Make the Best Decision

    (Scroll down to skip right to the best choices, but please read WHY they are the best options.)

    Formula companies are screaming at moms to choose formula. They boast that their “formula” is the best for your baby. Some say that you should supplement breastmilk with their brand to ensure baby receives all needed nutrients. This is a hard and scary place for a new mom to be. You want to do the right thing, but what is the right thing? The answer is not what the big companies want you to know: BREAST FEED. Yes, it’s simple. Nurse your baby. Nothing else is needed.

    EXCEPT that sometimes, something bigger than you intervenes and you cannot breastfeed. I urge you to look into milk sharing and milk banks as your first choice if nursing is not in your power. (I will blog on milk sharing soon.)
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