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  • My Unplanned, Unassisted HomeBirth

    Here I sit, holding my 48 hour-new baby boy Ollie Jack.  I have been typing, deleting, and restarting this for hours now.

    The truth is, this birth experience was almost so indescribable, I could not find the words. I am still digesting, processing, and sorting it all in my head.  I’m actually hoping that by sharing it with you, I can wrap my mind around the entire event.

    As you know, we were planning a beautiful, peaceful homebirth for baby #4.  I have a few blogs lined up about the blessing way that was filled with women who love and support me, how we set up the birth environment to include music, inspirational birth décor, and even the smells I’d possibly want.  I have blogs about birth photography, labor relaxation practice, preparing the siblings to take part in a birth, cultural birth traditions including belly blessings, henna, and candle making.  I even have a blog about my midwife being my lifelong best friend, and how that changed my pregnancy and labor outlooks. Continue reading

  • Planning a Successful Home Birth

    Birthing at home is a gentle, peaceful way to bring your child earthside. There is a calmness about being in your place of comfort. I couldn’t imagine birthing anywhere else. I am currently in planning mode. I wouldn’t call it nesting, as it is baby #4 and we pretty much have everything (boobs, cloth diapers, clothes, and love), but I’m definitely excited to plan. This is our third homebirth and each time, I learn something new that I would like to include in the birth. I figured, why save all this fun information for myself when I can share it with you!
    Continue reading

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