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  • An Open Letter to the Packagers of the Online Crap.

    I don’t know how it’s shopping season already, but it is.  If you are anything like me (children, work, cook, clean, fold, wash, repeat), then you shop online.  I cannot imagine navigating stores on Black Friday, or any other day for that matter.  I always have my kids with me, and unless there is a play area and a reliable person to watch said children as I shop, then it ain’t happening.  (Why has Target not created this play area?) Continue reading

  • Experience Gifts and How to Wrap Them

    My Amazon cart is always overflowing, but why? Is it the high that I get on clicking the purchase button? Is it the boxes that are delivered to my door? Is it the hours of wrapping the way too many gifts that makes me feel excited about the holidays? Is it the expectation that our generation can provide more than our parents' generation did? Is it all just to show off on social media? Or do my children actually love (and appreciate) the excessive gift giving?

    I'd be willing to bet the answer is 'no' to that last one. I'd bet my life on it. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Expecting Moms

    Spending the holidays pregnant is wonderful in the land of sweets, but when it comes to receiving gifts, most people gift for the baby-to-be instead of to the mom who is currently pregnant! If you want to be a great gift-giver to an expecting mom this holiday season, look no further.  Continue reading

  • 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Wear, Read, Want, Need, Give, and Get From Santa

    This generation of parents – US – we are changing things.  We are parenting in a time when research is readily available, and we are all well aware of the mistakes that have come before us. We are making changes and causing waves, shaking it all up!  (Or trying to anyway.) Continue reading

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