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  • Meet Vincent: The Turtle With Heart

    In the race of life, it pays off to stay at your pace, remain strong, and never give up.  There is something so special about someone who stays true to himself in the craziness around him.

    We would like you to meet Vincent, a determined little turtle.  Vincent has a very special story to tell.

    It was a warm day, late in Spring – so close to Summer that Vincent could almost taste the afternoon rain showers in the air.

    Vincent knew his friends would be at the local water spot enjoying the beautiful day.  He packed a lunch and slowly made his way through his patch of the forest toward the water hole. Now Vincent is not the fastest animal, and this could be quite frustrating to some animals, but those who knew and loved Vincent understood that his patience brought a sense of calmness to their hearts. 

    Vincent enjoyed spending his days with friends, and today was no exception.  They swam and ate; they played and chatted. Before parting ways, a noise was heard in the distance.  It was the unmistakable sound of tears being shed. The animals all rushed toward the crying, while Vincent moved as quickly as he could.  In the hurry of running, the other animals did not have time to notice the other sound that faintly beckoned to Vincent.  Continue reading

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