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Golden Hour

  • The Golden Hour After Birth

    We have had some very wonderful and beautiful birth experiences thus far.  One birth center and two homebirths, and another homebirth planned for March.  You can say that we love the birth experience.  There are very few items on my “Wish List” for this birth that we have not already experienced, I mean my husband has “caught” a baby, and I’ve delivered another.  Our daughter has cut an umbilical cord, our son has helped his mommy through labor (at the age of two).  The whole family is in on the action! Ha.

    I get that your family is different. That every family is different, and that every birth is different.  What I want will vary from the next woman, no matter our views on birth.  The one thing that I feel every woman should feel strongly in is her right to be informed about birth, labor, and the postpartum period.  There are so many factors that go in to this, but the largest one is KNOWLEDGE.  Being educated on pregnancy, birth, and beyond will increase the chances that birth goes your way, or the best way possible for your situation.

    That being said, there is always more to learn.  Even as a birth educator, I am constantly amazed by new findings. Continue reading

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