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  • Experience Gifts and How to Wrap Them

    My Amazon cart is always overflowing, but why? Is it the high that I get on clicking the purchase button? Is it the boxes that are delivered to my door? Is it the hours of wrapping the way too many gifts that makes me feel excited about the holidays? Is it the expectation that our generation can provide more than our parents' generation did? Is it all just to show off on social media? Or do my children actually love (and appreciate) the excessive gift giving?

    I'd be willing to bet the answer is 'no' to that last one. I'd bet my life on it. Continue reading

  • Our Favorite Toys for Young Children

    I have an 8 year old daughter, and 6, 4 and 1.5 year old sons, and another daughter who is still being snuggled all day. We homeschool and I am a write-from-home mom. I have enough toys to populate the planet.  We have recently gone through and donated more than 3/4 of said items in hopes to tone down the madness.  The process wasn’t easy, but I came up with a great method.

    I laid out several toys at a time and allowed each child to pick three that stayed; the rest were gone.  It was interesting to watch their thought process.  They would discuss with one another about what items would be played with in what ways.  They would beg to keep other pieces, and I won’t lie, I caved on a few – but only if they presented a strong argument.  In the end, everyone was happy. Continue reading

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