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Gift Ideas

  • Gift Ideas for a New Mom

    Everyone always brings gifts for the baby, even on Christmas.  The teeny tiny socks, sweet head bands, books that bring back memories – these gifts are loved by the buyer and the receiver; however, the holidays are here and it’s time to think about the mother that birthed (or is about to birth) that gorgeous, giggling baby. Continue reading

  • The Best Mothers Day Gift for Anyone Expecting

    The pregnancy glow, the swollen belly, the countdown to counting tiny toes...  Pregnancy is an amazing time.  Even if the glow isn't exactly present, and the ankles are swollen as much as the belly is, there is still something amazing happening:  A baby is growing.

    It is more than just a growing baby; a baby is actually being created, developing within the womb.  Through all pregnancy ailments, there is no way to not look at this time as anything but miraculous. Continue reading

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