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full moon kids

  • The Full Moon: Hello Crazy Kids.

    You are not crazy.  Your child is not actually trying to drive you mad right now.  There may actually be an answer as to why everything seems to be ‘off’ today.


    You see, we live and move in cycles.  Just like the planet we live on, we too are effected by the moon phases.  Everyone knows the moon affects the tides, but did you know it also plays a part in the weather? The atmosphere is a fluid, similar to the ocean, and so the moon generates gravitational tides there.  They are not as strong as the sun’s pull, but the moon still plays a role in our weather.

    Is it coincidence that the woman’s cycle averages the same length as the moon’s full cycle? Is it coincidence that more women go into labor during a full moon than not? Continue reading

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