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forward facing car seat

  • Why Rear Facing Matters: Car Seat Safety

    Hi there! It’s me, your friendly know-it-all mom-friend about to jump up on her soap box (again).  Hey, we all have our platforms; I just happen to have a few of them. <Understatement of the year>

    I want to start this article off with a bit of science.  You see, I typically just start ranting passionately about car seat safety, and for most uninformed mothers, that backfires rather quickly.  They tend to think I’m just on a high-horse and become utterly defensive, believing me to be judging them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Most mothers who have researched about car seat safety will all agree that sharing this information comes from a place of love – a love for their own children, your children, and all children.  You see, a simple unknown mistake of improper installation, buckle placement, or premature forward facing of a car seat can end with life-long injury or death to the child. Continue reading

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