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Fine Motor Skills

  • Valentine Craft Ideas that Double as Fine Motor Skills

    My four-year-old has sensory processing disorder and a significant speech delay.  He is brilliant (and pretty much the cutest, sweetest kid around), but he struggles with fine motor skills as well as his other challenges.  I’ve started searching for project ideas that will double as occupational therapy tasks for him.  Does he know it? No.  He just thinks that he is making something fun! But I love knowing that we are working on a specific skill together.

    Almost all craft ideas can fall into one of these categories, but the key is to acknowledge what you are doing.  If you just rush through the project, or help your child with all of the fine motor skills (like cutting for him or stringing the beads) you defeat the therapy side of the craft. I beg you, even if your child is not delayed, to let your child guide you through the activity.  They will feel self-pride in their finished product instead of feeling as though they needed your help to complete it.  It doesn’t matter what the end result looks like – celebrate it! Continue reading

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