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Father's Day

  • The Beauty of Real Fatherhood

    Real fatherhood is so much more than just creating a baby.  Today’s fathers are emotionally investing themselves into their relationships, taking part in every possible moment.

    I could have easily written about all the things to look forward to as a soon-to-be dad.  I could have made lists or charts about becoming a dad. I could have made my husband write this one.

    But I want to bring you real life.  You know what is beautiful?  Real Dads.  That’s it.  It’s simple really.  Dads who are truly connected to their children are breathtaking.  Dads who take parenting serious are what make moms want to keep having babies.

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  • Go Ahead and Play Rough Dad

    My kids start panting like dogs as the clock ticks closer to the minute my husband gets home.  It’s almost as if the air changes and I’m just waiting for a wolf cub to start howling as the Jeep pulls up the long driveway.

    Once the front door opens, it is as if the hounds have been released.  I cannot stop them if I wanted to -and let’s be real, I already poured a glass of wine. This is just sheer pleasure for me.

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  • Imperfectly Perfect Fatherhood

    Dads may not empty the dishwasher often enough, or make it home before dinner every night.

    Dads may teach ridiculous behaviors like passing gas on your sibling.

    Dads may write the wrong month, day, or year for a birthday on paperwork – or even forgot how you decided to spell a middle name at some point.

    Dads may never attend the well check-ups or even most of the sick visits.

    Dads may fall asleep before the kids every.single.time they attempt bedtime.

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  • The Importance of Dad

    There is no doubt about it, a dad lights up a room.  There is something almost magical about the way a child looks at dad. 

    As gender lines have recently been the highlight of conversations, I believe it is time to talk about the importance of Dad.  Very rarely do you hear from another adult that they pursued something in life to make their mother happy.  That’s right, it is typically the father’s approval, a quest to make dad proud that most people are after. 

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