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Family Valentine's Day

  • Easy Valentine`s Day Traditions to Start with Your Kids

    The true meaning of Valentine's Day is to celebrate love, friendship, and family in any way you choose.  My husband and I have never been big on Valentine’s Day gifts or flowers (I bow down to those willing to shell out a day’s worth of pay on a bundle of cut flowers), but we do like to take the time to talk about our marriage, our relationship with our children, and our children’s relationship with one another.  We like to spend the day (or evening) doing something we all love, whatever that may be each year. Continue reading

  • A Couple and a Baby on Valentine`s Day

    As life grows and relationships progress, the meaning of certain days may be altered slightly.

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect example.

    Once a baby is introduced into a relationship, the original love that has been celebrated in the past is at a new level.  A level that is not understood until it is experienced.  It’s no wonder that couples who have just experienced parenthood tend to highlight their first Valentine’s day as a family.  A husband (or partner) is looking at the new mother as superwoman, and the woman sees her partner as the person who helped create this new life.  What an amazing new stage of a relationship to celebrate!

    So how should you celebrate?  I listed wonderful ideas to begin Valentine’s Day Traditions last week, but those tend to start once the child(ren) are a little older.  I want to focus on the infant period.  The stage of parenthood when the new love is still in its babymoon period, sleep is sporadic, life is still adjusting, and attention to the relationship at its core is needed. Continue reading

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