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early labor

  • PPROM – What Happens if Your Water Breaks Too Early

    I’m going to try not to get too ‘science-y’ with this article.  I really want you all to understand everything possible about PPROM, but I want you know that this is not just a condition that happens – it is emotional.  It can be terrifying. Mothers who have experienced PPROM often must let go of birth expectations and give in to medical options, lots of them.  Some mothers will not bring home their baby. There is a time for medical intervention, and if your water breaks too early, you need to understand the possible interventions and outcomes.

    You probably found this article because:

    1. You are currently on bed rest with PPROM
    2. You have a PPROM baby or loss already
    3. You are pregnant and learning about everything (I applaud you)

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