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Drinking while breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding and Booze: Cheers!

    (Look, I'm having a dance party while breastfeeding my then 15 month old on Thanksgiving - and YES - enjoying my wine!  I'm basically high fiving you in this photo.)

    I have breastfed for 67 months and will be adding another few years to that once this baby makes his entrance to the world.  If you think for one second that I have completed this momentous milestone without wine, then you do not know me at all.

    Wine. OOOOOOH WINE.  And a Summertime Margarita!! A beer at a sporting event…   CHEERS to all of the above!

    Another hypothetical question: How you think I keep getting pregnant?

    Duh. WINE.   (Oh – and my husband is incredibly good looking.) Continue reading

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