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Decreased Sex Drive

  • Naturally Increasing Sex Drive: Pregnancy and Afterward

    Pregnancy does a number to our hormones (and bodies) leaving some of us feeling less than our best.  While it is completely fine to be “turned off” during pregnancy, some of us may be wishing that it wasn’t so.  If you are reading this and thinking, “I miss sex. I miss the sexual connection and the orgasms and all of it, but UGGGGH I just have no desire to go through with it” then keep reading.

    For a lot of women, the libido falls during pregnancy and just doesn’t seem to recover afterward.

    I’m dividing this article into two sections:  Pregnancy and the Early Postpartum Stage (4-6 months after baby).

    Note:  There could be a bigger issue at hand with a low libido.  See our article on “What Happened to My Sex Drive?” for more information. Continue reading

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