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DC to FL

  • Road Trip from DC to FL: Everywhere to Stop Along the Way

    As you have read, I just completed 3000 miles with my 4 young children in tow.  I had planned to spend 23 days and cover 2300 miles, but plans changed when I added in an epic surprise at the end of the trip!  We added 2 extra days and a few extra miles that were well worth it!

    Have you ever thought about driving with your kids somewhere, but don’t know where to start?  Or are you too scared to attempt the drive solo, leaving your partner behind to work?  Adventure doesn’t wait for anyone.  If we sat around waiting for my husband to take off, we would be waiting forever – and take very short trips.  Continue reading

  • Single Mom Driving: 1 mom, 4 littles, 2300 miles


    I have lost my mind.

    Roughly 1,150 miles down the east coast and 1,150 back will add up to who knows how many realistic miles... I can't even think about the "Are We There YET?" comments.

    Don't you worry, there is a case of wine packed in the trunk. Continue reading

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