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child brain

  • Do You Have a Right or Left-Brained Child

    I am a normal mom.  I lose my cool and yell more than I want to – I expect things from my children that (while I may feel should be accomplished) never seem to occur.  I love my babies and snuggle them constantly.  I read bedtime stories, cook twelve different meals a day, and throw random dance parties.  I also see just how unique each of my four children is – deep in their core of what makes them, THEM.  I’m sure you can relate.

    Here’s where I’m not “normal” (I hate that word, by the way) – we are a homeschooling family.  Please don’t stop reading.  We are not ultra-conservative, nor are we schooling for religious reasons (nothing wrong with that though!).  We are you – BBQ’ing and enjoying wine while our kids destroy our home. We chose to homeschool because it works for us. It’s really that simple. Continue reading

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