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  • How to Have a Gentle C-Section

    Times have changed and surgeons are realizing that it is possible for a mother to experience a kind and gentle surgical birth. You may think that’s a stretch of the imagination, but yet here we are, living in a world where when we know better, we do better. Isn’t it amazing? Continue reading

  • C-Section Recovery Tips From Real Moms

    It’s Cesarean Awareness month.  Instead of listing all of the c-section facts, I decided to poll the experts: REAL MOMS. These ladies have held nothing back; they are sharing their c-section recovery secrets with you.
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  • Birth is Beautiful: C-Section Awareness Month

    Birth is miraculous. Natural birth may be the way our bodies intended to bring babies earthside, but there are some situations in which that is just not possible. What an amazing world that we live in - one in which medical teams can save both a mother and child by delivering a baby via cesarean section. Continue reading

  • VBAC: A Beautiful Journey

    (Pictures throughout are from Christine’s beautiful homebirth VBAC journey.)

    1You have in your arms a beautiful child already, maybe more than one. You are all happy and healthy, but something about your previous birth haunts you. Something says, “I want to do it different next time.”

    Take charge of your pregnancy and birth. You CAN have a VBAC. Having worked with several couples striving for this goal, I have created a “To-Do List” for couples to complete on their beautiful journey to healing and (hopefully natural) vaginal birth.
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