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Celebrating a Child’s Holiday Birthday

As an adult, I can look back on my December birthday and smile.  I love this time of year, and love sharing my birthday with the holiday cheer.  I have friends born in late November through mid January who feel differently though.  It seems that the happiest time of year can overshadow a birthday close to (or on) a holiday.  As a parent with a son turning three two days before Thanksgiving, I’m trying to find the balance!

This is the first year that our toddler really gets the whole birthday thing, so this is the year the traditions will begin.  We’ve never done a big party for him; he’s the third born – so that explains that.  But he’s old enough to know he has friends now! We will be meeting a few of these friends at a park with a cake and race cars a few days before his actual birthday.

If you have a child celebrating a birthday over the next 6 weeks or so, I would love to hear about your traditions! 

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Celebrating a Child’s Holiday Birthday

1.       Plan ahead because people travel.  The chance of every guest being able to attend is slim, but choosing the most important guests and trying to work with them on days/times may be helpful to ensuring a happy party for your tot!

2.       Decorate in non-holiday inspired colors.  Break out the blues, purples, pinks, yellows and oranges!

3.       Wrap everything in BIRTHDAY paper.  Not a shred of holiday paper should be used.

4.       Celebrate the birthday over the holiday.  This means that you build up the birthday for days and celebrate it completely separate from the holiday.  (At least, this is what we do!  We celebrate the holiday the next day if it happens to fall on his birthday.)

5.       Create really fun traditions; traditions only for this child’s birthday.  For example, we do birthday pancakes for every one of their special days, and the birthday person gets to make the rules for the day, but my Thanksgiving baby, he gets a BIRTHDAY TREE!



The Birthday Tree

Step One:  Go in hunt of the perfect tree.  (God lord, I had no idea how much nice artificial trees go for!)

Step Two: Debate for 3 hours over which tree is the best, and then spend a fortune.

Step Three: Purchase steamers, lights, balloons, and anything else fun to decorate with.

Step Four: Put the tree together and decorate

Step Five: Hang Birthday cards on it!

Step 6: Decorate the entire room


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