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breastfeeding past one

  • Breastfeeding Past One Year

    "So here I am, 37 years old, raising twin teens, running a business, taking care of a home, AND BREASTFEEDING A TODDLER! Wait, what? How did this happen? My goal was a year! Shouldn't he have weaned by now?!? Am I doing something wrong?!? The truth is I really haven't done much at all. I had a natural birth and he latched on immediately. We laid next to each other and he nursed. He refused a bottle so he nursed 100% of the time. I blinked and here we are three years later still doing the same thing just not as often. But now it's weird. Not for us but for everyone else. It's not sexual. It's not gross. It's actually a pretty amazing tool. I never realized the stigma attached to nursing a toddler until now. It's bad. And sad. So much that I decided to ask my amazing blogger to help me write about it. Because us moms that are still nursing our toddlers deserve a little encouragement and support. It's ok Mama! You can nurse your baby/toddler/child until he's ready to wean. You are not alone, we feel it too. Ignore the strange looks and comments and keep on nursing! Because even though there are days it feels like it will never end, one day it will. And you will miss it. " -Purusha, an extended-breastfeeder.


    Some magical thing happens to people when they hear you are breastfeeding your toddler.  Hell, it could be your baby’s first birthday, and the comments may start.  The truth is that our society is OBSESSED with boobs, so obsessed that people <STRANGERS> feel the need to shame mothers for providing the highest quality of nourishment to their little ones.  Continue reading

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