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breastfeeding engorgement

  • Holy Boobs Batman! Engorgement Relief for Breastfeeding Moms

    You think you are prepared for motherhood, and the breastfeeding journey that will be both beautiful and easy for you. You have talked to friends and read books, maybe you have even sat in on a La Leche meeting already!

    Then you give birth, and your world is rocked. This tiny human being that was just inside of you is now so fragile and amazing. Everything changes... your mindset, your heart, and you. It's as if the entire world shifts. Those first 48 hours are just miraculous. The 'Mother's High' that carries you through the days sleepless but happy is still going strong. Your body begins to heal and everything just feels dreamy. And then you wake up feeling as though someone attached cement blocks to your chest where your breasts had once been. Continue reading

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