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boost breastmilk supply

  • Foods to Boost Breastmilk Supply

    The quality of your breastmilk effects the quantity of your breastmilk.  By just adding in milk-boosting foods, you may not see a difference.  Make sure to also include the following to boost the quality of your milk as well:

      • Enough calories – breastfeeding takes an added 300-500 calories a day, especially if you are nursing on demand.  Instead of counting calories, eat when you are hungry and make healthy choices.
      • Enough carbs –Not the processed, boxed kind of carbohydrates, but instead, eat a lot of baked potatoes, slathered with butter, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

    • Healthy fats – breastfeeding is not a time for a low-fat diet (actually, there’s never really a time for that because fat is not the enemy – good fats and good for you!) Nursing moms need plenty of real fats, butter (or ghee), cheese (unless avoiding dairy), fish, meat, coconut oil, etc.
    • Lose the simple sugars – nobody needs white sugar, white flour, and corn syrup.
    • Lose the processed foods – they are full of chemicals and non-food items that can wreak havoc on the body, not to mention drop your milk supply.

    There are many food options to help you boost your milk supply.  Eating these items raw or in recipes as often as possible should have you making more milk in no time!  Remember to contact a lactation consultant and visit your local la leche league regularly for support and advice. Continue reading

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