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  • ACOG Says “Birth Should Have Little Intervention”

    The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a document yesterday that discusses the healthy laboring mother and how to help her have a successful birth.  Continue reading

  • Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

    Birth is messy and beautiful, a blessing and a curse. It is all empowering and defeating in the same moments. There is plenty of information out there about all things birth related, but yet there are still so many things that women are surprised by during their labors. Making sure you spend more time preparing for birth than you do updating your baby registry is a good start, but even then, there is so much to know.  Remember that every birth is different, and you are meant to do this. 

    But you are not here for the ‘Big Picture;’  you want the gory details. Continue reading

  • 13 Signs of Impending Labor

    So you want to know when your baby will be joining you earthside.  You are either over the whole pregnant-thing, or you are just so excited and anxious that you are looking for clues.  The internet is full of crap-shoot ideas that will get your hopes up for weeks possibly!  Don’t read too much into any of it.  The truth is that your baby will come when he is ready.  We are not meant to pick our children’s birthdates, and we are all meant to grow our babies until they are ready to be born. Continue reading

  • How to Choose Your Birth Team

    Support is a major component of a healthy and happy pregnancy, labor, and birth.  Choosing the right birth team for you will lay the foundation for a confident journey.

    It sounds so easy, choosing a birth team, but the truth is that it may take some shopping around.  What is right for one mother, may not be right for another.  The important thing to remember is that you are the one who needs to feel at peace with the choice. Continue reading

  • This Trick Could Prevent Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth

    I have already jumped into the deep end with writing about sex during pregnancy.  I even suggested the most comfortable positions for each trimester.  So of course I’m going to cover the ever-so-intimate topic of massaging the perineum.

    There has been one study done that found that perineal massage reduced the chance of tearing by 10%, and reduced the risk of an episiotomy by 16%.  The jury is still out on if this technique truly prevents tearing during labor, but if it doesn’t hurt, then why not go for it? Continue reading

  • 12 More Common Labor Complications

    It seems that most mothers you talk to had some kind of complication arise during their labor.  But birth is the most natural thing the body can do, so then why has it become so complicated?  Educate yourself about true complications and things that may actually be normal - then you will feel more confident in the delivery room.

    If you missed the first 10 common terms used to label possible complications of labor, read about them HERE. Continue reading

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