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birth plan

  • How to Have a Gentle C-Section

    Times have changed and surgeons are realizing that it is possible for a mother to experience a kind and gentle surgical birth. You may think that’s a stretch of the imagination, but yet here we are, living in a world where when we know better, we do better. Isn’t it amazing? Continue reading

  • Planning Your Dream Birth

    Why is it so hard to write a birth plan?  Most women just end up skipping it altogether.

    But skipping your birth plan means that you are skipping the educational aspect of giving birth. You are walking in blind – uniformed – and unprepared for the possibilities that lie ahead.

    You may have the birth of your dreams without a birth plan in hand, but if just one domino falls, your birth has the chance of not being what you were hoping for. How does a birth plan change any of that, you ask? Continue reading

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