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birth interventions

  • The Domino Effect of Medical Intervention

    Our society has predetermined pregnancy to be a game of dominos, all the pieces already lined up.  It is more often than not that the game is set into motion at some point, typically labor, and if the pieces cannot be stopped, the game ends in a traumatic birth experience.

    While your birth may not be traumatic, or end in a c-section, it has been found that one medical intervention tends to lead to another.  No matter how you feel about your experience, know that this is not ok.  Labor should not be intervened with – it is meant to be handled just as the woman’s body handles it.

    There is a huge need for medicine – and doctors – when it comes to birthing.  But the need lies with pregnancies that are not healthy or normal.  But for those with a healthy, low risk pregnancy, there is absolutely no need for medical intervention.  Statistically speaking, a low risk pregnancy has a higher chance of ending differently than expected if even one intervention is allowed.

    There has been an unfortunate shift in attitudes about pregnancy and birth, taking it from a natural life phase and turning it into a medical condition that needs to be "treated." Continue reading

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