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  • Fertility Awareness Methods can be Over 98% Effective

    Fertility Awareness Methods umbrella the ways you can identify your fertility and understand your cycle.  Many women use FAM to manage their fertility, plan and prevent pregnancy.

    There is so much information out there, it can be quite overwhelming.  As a mom to four little ones currently, my husband and I are pretty sure that we are done, BUT we do not want to take any permanent measures yet.  I am against hormonal birth control, and we do not use condoms.  Due to breastfeeding on demand, I do not see any signs of fertility returning after birth until about 14 months postpartum.  This has been the case for each child.  That means, I have about 8 months before I’ll be regularly practicing FAM, but I have already begun paying attention because the body will always ovulate before the first period occurs.

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