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birth complications

  • Birth Complications | Handle Complications During Labor

    You have an idea of what you would like for your birth experience.  Hopefully, you have prepared by taking more than a day class, as it will drastically increase the odds of you having the birth you want.

    Education is truly the key.

    Make sure that you have read all about the possible ‘complications’ that may arise during labor (HERE and HERE).  Once you have done so, you need to talk to your birth supporter about your wishes if any of those situations arise.  While all that matters in the end is a healthy mom and a healthy baby, there are so many ways your labor can veer off the desired course. Continue reading

  • 12 More Common Labor Complications

    It seems that most mothers you talk to had some kind of complication arise during their labor.  But birth is the most natural thing the body can do, so then why has it become so complicated?  Educate yourself about true complications and things that may actually be normal - then you will feel more confident in the delivery room.

    If you missed the first 10 common terms used to label possible complications of labor, read about them HERE. Continue reading

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