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  • The Best Non-Classic Books For Your Child’s Bookshelf

    My four kids range in age from 5 months old to 7 years. You can imagine that our bookshelves have a bit of variety to them.  We also homeschool.  So go ahead and re-imagine those bookshelves.  That’s the problem actually, overflowing bookshelves.  I recently decided to tackle the book situation in our home.  My husband and I believe that children should be surrounded by books, and see us reading as often as possible.  So far, we have succeeded in both aspects; however, it was time for a clean out.  I elected to sort through what we owned and categorize it all:  Donations, Homeschool Read-Alouds for all kids, Homeschool by age, Independent Learning to Read, Classics, Daytime Books, Nighttime Books, Baby and Toddler Books.

    Once I had my piles, I started taping ripped pages and covers back together and let go of books that had been chewed to bits.  I realized that somehow we had collected a lot of random books that were “One-Time-Reads.”  Frustrating.  You know the ones – the tiny little Barbie books, Paw Patrol, Minions, etc.  Even if they are read more than once, they are not (what I consider) fun to read.  I did keep them all – in the “Independent Reading” category – because I’m done reading them! Ha. Continue reading

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