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bed time

  • Toddler Hell: Also Known as Bed Time

    What? Bedtime at your house is delightful? BULL. You wouldn’t be reading this if that were the truth.  We have experienced “Bedtime Hell” for the last 6 years.  My children do not fall asleep alone, stay asleep, sleep through the night, or any of that other crap that sleep trained kids do.  Hell, my kids still sleep with us 50-75% of the night, on any given night. (Did you read my post on bed sharing?)

    About 7:30pm each night, my husband casually asks, “Hey, are you going to start putting kids to bed?”  And then I give him THE LOOK. You know what I’m talking about… that look of death, like, “Why in the bloody hell can you not do bedtime E.V.E.R.”  (oh, because you either fall asleep WITH the children or BEFORE the children.) Continue reading

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