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april fool's day

  • Faking a Pregnancy is NOT a Joke

    While our general audience is a slew of ages, most are already parents.  I have faith that you know not to prank anyone today about a pregnancy.  Although, I have seen many (TOO MANY) repeat parents post April Fool's pregnancy announcements, or 'Oops it looks like it's twins instead of one!" type posts.

    You do not have to have had a miscarriage to understand. You do not have to have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive to understand.  A good person just gets it. A baby is a life, and even though you are not in the market for a real baby right now, so many couples are.  This is about respecting them, and about respecting life.

    This is not a harmless joke. Let the thought flutter right back out of your mind without acting on it, please. Let's show our maturity today and think before we act. Continue reading

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