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Angel Baby

  • Keepsakes for the Grieving Mother

    Not every baby lives.

    Not every hand is held.

    Not every pair of lips are kissed.

    Too many mothers understand this grief. Too many mothers are expected to let go and move on before they are ready. Continue reading

  • The Cuddle Cot: A Gift of Time

    When losing a baby to still birth, there is nothing more precious than the time you are granted to hold your baby.  These are the only moments you will have to create a lifetime’s worth of memories.  Continue reading

  • Honoring an Angel Baby at Christmas

    Before I truly start writing, I need to explain that this piece is personal and not easy to put into words.  My estimated due date was yesterday.  My baby gained her wings at 10 weeks gestation.  To so many people, that means so little, but to me and my family, that baby is missed.  I am currently due in March with our rainbow baby and looking forward to meeting this little boy, but I will always remember the baby who was gone too soon. Continue reading

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