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Alignment Plateau

  • Failing to Progress or a Natural Plateau of Labor?

    More than 1/3rd of unplanned c-sections that occur in the United States are due to women “Failing to Progress” during their labor.   This statistic saddens me.  As a birth educator, I truly wish women would take the time to learn about pregnancy, labor and birth.

    A failure to progress generally means a failure to wait, a failure to allow the woman’s body to work, and a failure to let a woman own her body.  But again, most birthing women are not educated enough to understand that failing to progress is not failing, it is a plateau.  A plateau during labor occurs to naturally align baby and ensure that both mother and baby are prepared to welcome baby earthside.  The length of this plateau can lasts minutes, hours, or even days if it occurs in early labor.  And while that does not sound desirable, it is the way the body is built to handle labor, and it is the absolute safest and best way to let baby enter the world.

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