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acid reflux

  • Infant Reflux (GERD): When Meds Do Not Work

    Reflux is terribly uncomfortable.  An infant who is suffering from the condition cannot explain the pain, but it is not hard to diagnose.

    I remember my first baby spitting up regularly.  She was what they labeled a ‘happy spitter’ – happy except from 6pm-11pm every night.  I’m thankful that medication wasn’t suggested, but instead to eliminate dairy from my diet.  I did, and she stopped spitting up within 2 weeks.

    Then my second child was born – and man did he throw us for a loop.  He has had random ‘issues’ since birth.  He wasn’t spitting up, but yet there was something ‘off.’  He would turn purplish around his mouth when laid down; he coughed this weird dry hacking cough; and he was NEVER happy.  He slept like crap and nursed 28 times in 24 hours – even at 2 years old.  After complaining and crying to the pediatrician, he ordered testing.  My son was diagnosed with ‘Silent Reflux,’ and we were sent home with a list of medications to try. Continue reading

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