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48 hours after birth

  • The First 48 Hours for Baby

    We have just welcomed baby #4, Mr. Ollie Jack, to the world.  He came in like a freight train (Read more about his birth HERE) and our lives feel as though they are moving faster than ever, but at the same time in slow motion as we take every aspect of Ollie in.  Our 4th natural, unmedicated birth, and 3rd homebirth (but 1st unassisted birth!), we had a plan – a plan that was thrown out the window as he arrived.  Everything from his birth and golden hour, to my “Lying-In” time hasn’t been what I pictured, but here we are: loving a newborn and figuring it all out. Continue reading

  • The First 48 Hours Postpartum For Mom

    As you’ve read, I had the baby.  (If you didn’t read yet, click HERE) While it was a rollercoaster of a ride – unassisted, on the bedroom floor – the last 48 hours seem to be a blur.  Just as my birth plan flew out the window, my golden hour was not as I had imagined it.  I had pictured this peaceful time bonding with my husband, children, and new baby boy, but in reality, I was trying to digest that we had just delivered our own child before a birth team could arrive.  Mix that in with it being the middle of the night, waking siblings up, and the high that comes with unmedicated child birth, and the golden hour was quite the experience.  The first twelve hours after Ollie arrived were spent “ooing and ahing” over him and trying to get all the kids back to sleep – and getting a few hours of sleep ourselves.  The midwife spent the night and made us breakfast the following morning.  (There are several unknown perks to homebirthing!) Continue reading

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