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3rd trimester

  • What to Expect in the Third Trimester

    Beginning week 28 of pregnancy, you will see your birth team every two weeks for appointments.  These appointments are much of the same: baby’s heartbeat is found, blood pressure check, being weighed, a urine sample is taken, measurements of fungal height, and general conversations about your pregnancy.  Your midwife or doctor will be looking for noticeable swelling or a rise in blood pressure.  By 32 weeks, your doctor or midwife should be able to feel your baby’s position.  Do not panic if he is not head down and engaged yet, there is plenty of time.  Most birth providers will give the options of cervical checks beginning at 36 or 37 weeks of pregnancy.  It may be wise to avoid these.  Yes, you are curious, but they are not an indication of impending labor, and they can potentially disrupt your pregnancy.

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  • Dad Plays A Huge Role in the 3rd Trimester

    This is not the time to sit back and watch a sporting event.  It’s time to get in the game.

    I know you thought you had a few more months before you’d be called from the bench – maybe to change a diaper, make silly faces, or hold a baby while your partner showered.  But you were wrong. It’s game time.  Continue reading

  • 3rd Trimester: Grow Baby Grow!

    Grow Baby Grow!

    The third trimester marks the final 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, a time when your baby is growing non-stop.  You may feel as though he has no more space to grow into inside of you, but somehow there is.  While it is hard to be patient, keep your eye on the prize: A Healthy Baby.

    The longer baby bakes, the healthier he should be once earthside.

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