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2nd trimester

  • Learn How Your Baby is Growing in The Second Trimester

    You are growing a baby. A BABY. This little being is moving inside of you, kicking and twisting, quickly growing and developing into the newborn that you will so lovingly dote over in a few short months.

    Welcome to weeks 13-27, better known as the second trimester.

    Things will seem so much more real once you start feeling your baby, and by the end of this trimester, you may just wonder how much bigger your uterus can get – and you will definitely be feeling some feet near your ribs.

    What is happening inside that womb right now?

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  • Second Trimester for the Mom

    Is reality setting in yet?  Your body will be physically changing over the next few months, and most moms say that this stage of pregnancy is when they start really bonding with their babies.

    Sometime during this trimester, people will actually be able to see that you are pregnant.  You may have to ward off strangers wanting to touch your belly; and you may hate your scale. Continue reading

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