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  • Dirty Feet All Summer Long!

    Lose those ridiculously expensive toddler shoes; the sun is finally here to stay (for a few months at least)! With no risk of tiny toes turning into popsicles, it’s time to let the piggies be free! Continue reading

  • No Bath For Newborns

    The joy of life is a beautiful miracle – covered in a creamy, goopy sticky or slippery substance, known as vernix.  When most new parents-to-be watch birth videos and envision their own labor, typically they assume hair and makeup will be done and their baby will be bathed and swaddled before being gently placed in their arms. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Continue reading

  • Cocktails and Mocktails for Memorial Day

    The start of summer is around the corner with Memorial Day leading the way. It's known as one of the biggest BBQ weekends of the year, and what comes with a great BBQ? A great drink selection! Continue reading

  • Postpartum Anxiety Part 2: When to Seek Professional Help

    ****TRIGGER WARNING**** Graphic Stories Included.

    I’ve opened Pandora’s Box recently when I began the discussion of the un-talked-about irrational fears of motherhood. The outpour of responses is beyond what we expected at My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, and we are so happy that we dove into this topic. Continue reading

  • 38 Week Fetal Ultrasound

    By 38 weeks along, some mothers are already holding their newborn, but most are still ‘baking’ them in utero. The average pregnancy length is 41 weeks and 1 day with many reaching 42 weeks. A few women elect to have one last peek at their little one before meeting him in person. This last ultrasound provides the most precious view of just what the baby looks like, and even some little personality traits that will occur outside of the womb! Continue reading

  • Motherhood Anxiety Part 1: Irrational Fears

    ****Trigger Warning**** graphic visualizations described.

    I couldn’t fall asleep last night. You see, I could not shake an image from my head. It almost sent me into a panic. I envisioned my 14-month-old wandering into the street and being hit by a car in front of our house, all while I sprinted towards him just in time to not get him out of the way. It is a graphic vision, one that turns my stomach and seems to revisit me often. Continue reading

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