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  • The Books All New (and old) Parents Need To Read

    The book store has shelves lined with baby books, and Amazon has an unlimited supply to choose from. It becomes overwhelming, and turning to friends seems like the best idea.  But how do you know if your parenting ideals are the same? How do you know if they read the best books out there? You don't, and you don't need to stress over it. Yes, there are a million books out there, but your parenting won't be defined by every one that you pick up! Well, I take that back. The books you read will open your eyes (and heart) to help you realize what type of parent you will strive to be! Continue reading

  • Best Relief for Back Pain in Labor

    Pregnancy, labor and birth have a funny way of throwing you for a loop just when you think you've figured it all out. This is especially true when it comes to labor!  Everything you read talks about the wave of contractions, the progression, the transition, and the birth. And yes, that is a pretty typical labor. Continue reading

  • Busy Kits for Big Siblings During Labor

    Labor is all-consuming. It is raw, real, and a life-experience in which the entire family can be a part of. There is actually nothing more natural that a child could ever bear witness to in their lifetime, until they become a parent themselves. Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Attracts Mosquitoes

    Are you the only one covered in mosquito bites?

    Did mosquitoes only find you after you became pregnant?

    What is the freaking deal!? Why isn’t everyone covered in those swollen, itchy little bites? Continue reading

  • Signs You May Have Back Labor

    While the uterus is only so big, there are still several positions a baby can wind up in before labor begins. Of course, there is one ideal position that helps in creating the easiest path down the birth canal. But what happens if your baby picks a less common position? How can it effect your pregnancy and labor? Continue reading

  • Keepsakes for the Grieving Mother

    Not every baby lives.

    Not every hand is held.

    Not every pair of lips are kissed.

    Too many mothers understand this grief. Too many mothers are expected to let go and move on before they are ready. Continue reading

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