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  • How to Make a Mom Friend

    It's like dating, but even more awkward. There should seriously be an app for this by now.

    Swipe right if the mom is as much of a hot mess as you are. Tap twice if you want to meet in person.

    Think about it, motherhood is all-consuming. Adult interaction rarely comes high on the list of priorities. Anything more than a quick phone conversation with a friend from a far seems like it's never worth the effort. Continue reading

  • Helping your first born love a sibling.

    No matter how much you prepare your first born, there will be an adjustment period when your second baby arrives. The same thing happens when the third and fourth babies arrive, too! Older siblings may need a little bit of extra love and attention before and after a new baby arrives.

    "You can take that baby back to the hospital now."

    "Put that baby down and play with me!"

    "Bababababa," toddler pushes baby. Continue reading

  • Unexpectedly Gross Things That Happen With Newborns

    As you count down the weeks until your baby arrives, you imagine all of the sweet baby snuggles. There is truly nothing better than a new baby! But along with all of that sweetness comes a few unexpectedly weird, not uncommon things that may completely gross you out. Continue reading

  • 10 Ways to Help a New Mom (or a Mom to #2,3,4)

    Moms may look like superheroes --and I'll admit that I own a cape and keep my kids alive every day, so the title may fit -- but we are tired. We don't feel 'super' if anything, we feel like we are just treading water most days. And here's the deal, most of us are too prideful to ask for help. This includes brand new moms and those of us who have birthed a few babies. But the reality is that while we may be doing okay in survival mode, we deserve some help, and it should come from those we love!

    How can one help a mama who has recently had a baby? (I'm so glad you asked!) Continue reading

  • The History of the First Home Pregnancy Test

    The Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article focusing on the history of the first at-home pregnancy test. After reading said article, I realized that in the past 9 years, I have taken hundreds of tests, but yet I never once questioned the origin of them. And I question everything. (Understatement of the year.) Continue reading

  • Holy Boobs Batman! Engorgement Relief for Breastfeeding Moms

    You think you are prepared for motherhood, and the breastfeeding journey that will be both beautiful and easy for you. You have talked to friends and read books, maybe you have even sat in on a La Leche meeting already!

    Then you give birth, and your world is rocked. This tiny human being that was just inside of you is now so fragile and amazing. Everything changes... your mindset, your heart, and you. It's as if the entire world shifts. Those first 48 hours are just miraculous. The 'Mother's High' that carries you through the days sleepless but happy is still going strong. Your body begins to heal and everything just feels dreamy. And then you wake up feeling as though someone attached cement blocks to your chest where your breasts had once been. Continue reading

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