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  • Baby Born ‘Without Brain’ Survives and Thrives

    Four years ago, Noah Wall was born with little hope of survival. His parents learned that he suffered from hydrocephalus while he was in utero.   Continue reading

  • A Letter to my Not-Quite-One-Year-Old

    Baby. Sweet, Sweet Baby,

    You have only hours left until you turn an entire year old. How has the time gone by so quickly? How have we already had 8,756 hours together? How have the moments and milestones added up to today? Continue reading

  • A Day In The Mind Of A Threenager

    Being three is hard.  There are hormones flying, growth spurts happening, attitudes mounting, the cusp of independence brewing, and a whole lot of sass.  It’s hard not to lose my mind each day with my three-year-old. He is my third born and somehow the most challenging child I have had. In one breath, he is so loving, and the next? He is a snot. I won’t lie, I have apologized to him for threatening to pull the car over, leave him with a neighbor while the rest of us have fun, and oh so many other emotion-driven-horrible-parenting moments I am not proud of… Continue reading

  • Can Motherhood Change You As A Person?

    Can Motherhood Change You As A Person?

    The depth of this question can be taken as far as you wish to let it sink in, but as a mother of four, I believe that the answer is a simple ‘no’ with a whole lot of complicated explanations.

    I am currently holding a three-year-old who is crying because he is not allowed to climb the shelves to get scissors, all while I am nursing a ten-month-old, and my five and seven-year-old are working on anything besides their schoolwork. My sanity is stretched, but my heart is full. My immediate reaction to the question “Can motherhood change you as a person?” was a resounding “YES.” Of course I am not the same person I was ten years ago, pre-children. But then I thought about it more. I slept on it, actually. Continue reading

  • Vitamin K Injection and Options

    Let’s Talk Vitamin K and Newborns

    Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting in adults and children. But newborns are different.  They are not born with sufficient amounts of the vitamin.  This may make you question the necessity of an injection.  If all babies are born with little Vitamin K, it may be because it is what is meant to be.  But, understandably, some argue that Vitamin K is needed so it must be administered. Which is right? Is one wrong? Continue reading

  • 32 Things You Need To Know About Early Motherhood

    I remember a time when all I could think about was having a baby. The thought consumed me. Can you relate?

    In my mind, I was so ready. I didn’t care how hard it would be, or how much life would change. I actually swore that my life wouldn’t change that much. To be fair, I did have a pretty easy transition into motherhood, but there are still things I wish I would have known. Not that it would have changed my mind (nothing could), but it would have better prepared me for all of the possibilities that could have occurred. Continue reading

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